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Seeta Qasemi Biography

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Seeta Qasemi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and Seeta Qasemi have been living with her family in Germany for the past 10 years. Ever since Seeta Qasemi was a child, She was interested in the art of music and have always wanted to become a famous musician.
At first Seeta Qasemi performed live in some parties with singers such as Jawid Sharif and others, and She met Valy Hedjasi in one party where he was doing Camera Recording. He came to Her and asked if we can make an album together, so Seeta Qasemi finally got the chance to pursue her dreams and share her voice with my fellow Afghans when Seeta Qasemi sang in the songs called ‘Bia Tu’ and ‘Delbare Mehrabanam’ (which is my her compose and lyrics). The first song she sang was called ‘Bia Tu’ and the second song was called ‘Delbare Mehrabanam’, which she sang both with Valy Hedjasi. Seeta Qasemi most recent song, which she sang by myself is called ‘Ba Taswiram’.
Unfortunately, at the time Seeta Qasemi had some difficulties and she wasn’t able to work in the videos ‘Bia Tu’ and ‘Delbare Mehrabanam’ herself. Therefore, Mariam Morid, who is the daughter of Ahmad Morid, was put in the video instead of her and she lip synched the parts Seeta Qasemi sang in the song. Until now, no one knew that the voices in ‘Bia Tu’ and ‘Delbare Mehrabanam’ belonged to Seeta Qasemie and not anyone else’s. Mr. Valy Hedjasi didn’t event bothered to mention her name once, that the origional singer of this song is Seeta Qasemie not Mariam Morid. But Seeta Qasemi am happy now that my fellow Afghans know that the person who sang ‘Bia Tu’, ‘Delbare Mehrabanam’, and ‘Ba Taswiram’ is Seeta Qasemie. In the future, Seeta Qasemi need the love, prayers, and help of my fellow Afghans because if she sing, she sing for my fellow Afghans, not for herself.

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