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Aryana Sayeed Biography

Written by admin. Posted in Afghan Musician Biography

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About Aryana Saeed An up & coming talented British Asian artist with a of divine voice and innovative ideas. Aryana is set to bring back the vitality and excitement of music. Her Persian(afghani) roots lye deep in the heart of Afghanistan and this is reflected in her unique style of music which also comprises of a cocktail of R&B, soul, a sprinkle of Persian and a hint of Arabic.

All make a truly mind-blowing concussion. Aryana has had only one dream ever since she can remember, music has truly been her life, however the journey has not been smooth. Aryana had to leave Afghanistan at a tender age of 8 during the war and went to switzerland. She started school and discovered a whole new of meaning of music where she also joined a choir in a church at the age of 12 and that is where her passion for singing really took flight. after graduating from school she continued her studies in travel and business management due to the pressure of her family to follow a more conventional career than singing.

Again this was cut short and Aryana came into the UK 7 years ago and started all over again. Despite all the changes she has had to face, the UK is what she calls home & it is where she found fire for her ambition. Aryana decided to follow her heart and her dream and become a recording artist.

she soon won the heart of her family and friends with her talent and got their permission to follow her dreams. she set up her own band and also started working on a album in 2003 which didnt get released due to the seperation of the band. after having a long break of almost 3years during which she got interested and made a career in the beauty world to set up her own business ,she is all ready again. she's been taking part in some gigs, concerts, and also working on the new album and few other projects which will come out late this year. Aryana is not only a singer but also a writer and composer.

Her inspirations come from life's journey of not only of her self but also her loved ones, therefore her work is always changing and will always be a breath of fresh air. Her idols include Alicia keys, Maria carey, jen lopez, christina aguillera,beyonce,nancy ajram,sameera saeed and more of middle eastern vocals. watch out for my new tracks featuring on khiza next project ......and jawid sharif.

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