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Khushal Khan Hatak

Written by AfghanSite Network. Posted in Afghanistan Rullers

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A famous Afghan warrior, poet, and tribal chief of the Khatak tribe who called on the Afghans to fight the Moghuls then occupying their land. He admonished Afghans to forsake their anarchistic tendencies and unite to regain the strength and glory they once possessed. But he was pessimistic, saying "The day the Pashtuns unite, old Khushhal will arise from the grave." Khushal Khan was born near Peshawar, the son of Shahbaz Khan, a chief of the Khatak tribe. By appointment of the Moghul emperor, Shah Jehan, Khushhal succeeded his father in 1641, but Aurangzeb, Shah Jehan's successor, kept him a prisoner in the Gwaliar fortress in Delhi. After Khushhal was permitted to return to Peshawar he incited the Pashtuns to rebel. His grave carries the inscription: "I have taken up the sword to defend the pride of the Afghan, I am Khushhal Khatak, the honorable man of the age." The Khatak tribe of Khushhal Khan now lives in the areas of Kohat, Peshawar, and Mardan.


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