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Noor TV Live

Written by AfghanSite Network. Posted in Live Afghan TV

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Noor TV first appeared on television screens in the United States and Canada on August 1, 2007, as the first Afghan satellite television station to be broadcasted out of Northern California. Since then, Noor TV has grown to be one of the most popular Afghan television stations in North America. Displaying a fine balance between news and entertainment, Noor TV caters to the needs of a diverse viewing audience. Noor TV has a variety of different programming, such as: world news, children’s and youth programming, game shows, cooking programs, talk shows, music shows, and more. Noor TV is a leader in the effort to service an ever-increasing audience with some of the most powerful and perceptive programming available. Our programming and services reflect the value that we place on human dignity, lifelong learning, the power of ideas, and the importance of community service.

In March of 2008 Noor TV went global broadcasting all over Europe, Middle East, Asia. 

On April 4th of 2008 Noor TV had it's first Awards shows in San Jose Ca. 21 different Awards were given to Afghan artists for their accomplishments.


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