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calling card is the largest online distributor of Ertebat long distance calling cards. Just buy your card online. ($5-$10)

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Ertebat $5 Calling Cards (USA & Canada)

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$5.00 each

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If you are trying to see your old pin number from the old site, please go to

Ertebat $5 Calling cards from USA to Afghanistan (19 cent a min) Works only from USA & Canada

Summary Disclosures Regarding Rates, Fees and Surcharges: Dollar value based on a rate of $0.19/minute of calling to Afghan Wireless network Country code 93 prefix (70*) . A surcharge not to exceed $0.99 applies to U.S. pay phone calls, a portion of which compensates pay phone providers. One minute billing increments; partial minutes used are billed as full minutes rounded up to the One minute. Rates may be higher for calls to/from mobile phones. A maintenance fee of $.79 applies first day after first call. International rates vary according to area called, and are subject to change. Call Customer Care for international calling information before leaving the U.S. This card will expire 90 days after first use or 365 days after activation. PIN cannot be used for toll free calls, calls for paid services with premium charges or for operator-handled calls. Service provider makes no warranties and its liability is limited. Any disputes arising from purchase or use of this card are settled by arbitration, which doesn't apply to CA residents for disputes arising in CA. Safeguard your PIN. You are responsible for loss or unauthorized use. PIN may be terminated without notice if fraud is suspected. PIN is not returnable or exchangeable unless defective. Direct all unresolved complaints to the regulatory agency in the state where Card was purchased. Service provided by ATI Service provided where authorized.

List of the comments:
how can i get the card, there is no number or anything....
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I cannot see the card that I just purchased
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I bought a card from here 2 years ago and till now they didn't give me the number, even i contacted the site but No ReSPONSES... Dont buy any thing from here they are deceiving people...jerks

can i buy card now
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Hi where is the card i just bought... i can't find it anywhere
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What is the Phone Number to Ertebat?
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where is the card I just bought
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